Advantages of Autism

People with Autism often have good memories, and they can remember information that read weeks ago. They are also less likely to forget something.
People with Autism often perform auditory and visual tasks better than others and also do better on non-verbal tests of intelligence. During an assessment that involved completing a visual pattern, people with autism finished 40 percent faster than those without the condition.
People with Autism often notice things and details other people don’t notice. The autistic person has a different approach, they collect detail after detail and will zoom out to an overview only after they’ve gathered enough details to come to a conclusion. They didn’t start with an overview and then zooming in on the details.
People with Autism are often not feeling comfortable at public places. They don’t follow the crowd. They are free from any political or religious conventionality and pressure. They think differently and often come up with unique in their environment had thought of before.

People with Autism often have a strong ability in fields like science and technology or fields like art and design. As a consequence, Autistic people are one of our best programmers, scientists, engineers, inventors, designers, and artists.
People with Autism often are honest and very passionate about the things they enjoy. They tend to have an interest in solving problems in their areas of interest for their own sake, independent of monetary reward.
People with Autism often have the ability to hyper-focus on a single task for many hours straight. While hyper-focusing, their mind is exclusively focused on that particular task.
Note that every person with Autism has different skills, however, they are all very commonly found within the Autistic community at large.

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